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BLOG (2/15/2021): Clovis, Scriabin and Christmas Lights.

Happy Valentine's Day! It's Sunday morning, it's below zero outside and I am drinking coffee and listening to Pink Floyd live on the BBC in 1971. "Fat Old Sun" is the song.

I'm starting a blog because I want a more central place to post updates. Some people get info on Facebook or Instagram or my Patrons over on Patreon. I have a website and I want to make it a more active place to communicate with you guys. I may do some of these as YouTube videos as well.

So, quick updates... I shaved my beard and installed some new Christmas lights here in the lair. Work on my upcoming dark ambient album, BLUE MURDER continues. Two tracks "Darvaza Rising" and "Saturn Inscriber" are over on my ambient Soundcloud page (and YouTube). My good friend and Old Guys podcast partner is working on the album cover. It's gonna be great.

I do have a new song coming out on YouTube and Soundcloud tomorrow (2/15). This one won't be on BLUE MURDER but a future project. It's a guitar instrumental called "Clovis Highway Sunset". Watch this space.

The SESSION FROM STUDIO A album is also doing well. It's now available on all your major digital formats. Here is a linktree to all the places to get it:

Well, it's almost time to start getting ready for the day job. I have really been going down the rabbit hole on a couple of things lately. First, the music of Alexander Scriabin. REALLY interesting late 19th Century composer and an interesting cat. Lots of weirdness in that man's life. He had a lot of really interesting ideas about the world and the power of music to affect the real world.

I have also been doing some reading about the collective unconscious. Again, it's fascinating to read what some people think.

All things feed the muse.

See you guys next time.

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